The North West Scarborough Local Immigration Partnership (NWS LIP) is a community driven initiative funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Established in December 2009 it formed a Partnership Council, which consists of a wide range of organizations deeply invested in the wellbeing of and effectively serving newcomers to northwest Scarborough neighbourhoods.

Purpose of LIP is to:

  • Identify service gaps and service needs, duplication of services and challenges faced by newcomers and services providers
  • Develop an action plan and recommendations for local strategic directions to alleviate gaps and barriers in providing better services to newcomers in the northwest Scarborough neighbourhoods
  • Improve access to immigrant integration services and strengthening local capacity

The NWS LIP intends to achieve the following Goals:

  • Enhance access to current and relevant information about programs and services
  • Enable communities to play a valuable role to assist new immigrants’ settlement process
  • Ensure effective service delivery through coordination and partnership among service providers

The NWS LIP Community

Catchment Area MapThe NWS LIP focuses on the six neighbourhoods of Steeles, L’Amoreaux, Tam O’Shanter-Sullivan, Agincourt South-Malvern West, Agincourt North, and Milliken all located within the City of Toronto. This boundary includes Steeles Avenue to the north, Markham Road to the east, Highway 401 to the south, and Victoria Park Avenue to the west. In addition, the NWS LIP catchment area encompasses the large priority neighbourhood of Steeles/L’Amoreaux and is also bordered by two others, Dorset Park to the south and Malvern to the east.

The population of the NWS area is 181,731, which of these 128,270 are immigrants, constituting for a substantial 71% of the NWS population being immigrants. This area has one of the fastest growing newcomer communities in the GTA with a newcomer population almost one and a half times greater than the rest of the City. In addition to this statistic, the visible minority population of North West Scarborough is 81% and a substantial 35% more than the entire city of Toronto. Unfortunately, NWS also has more low income households than the rest of the city.

Links to Neighbourhood Profiles

Tam O'Shanter-Sullivan
Agincourt South-Malvern West
Agincourt North

Planning Phase:

  • Creating vision for an ideal newcomer experience:
    • Partnership Council members and new immigrants were consulted to develop a common vision for the ideal newcomer experience
    • 100 individuals including newcomers, residents and community leaders were interviewed in a study on local newcomer services
  • Development of focus areas:
    • A community summit and several focus group discussions were conducted with the newcomers
    • Three common themes were developed based on the findings from the community consultation:
      • Improving the initial welcome and information gathering process
      • Enabling the community to play a valuable and coordinated role in settlement
      • Making services and support more effective
  • Development of Settlement Strategies and Implementation Plan:
    • Partnership Council worked in small groups and identified key areas of action and innovation
    • Resident groups, faith based groups and frontline staff were consulted to gather supplementary feedback
    • All the recommendations were consolidated and converted into 22 Settlement Strategies
    • A long term implementation plan was developed to address the Settlement Strategies
  • Review of Settlement Strategies and Implementation Plan:
    • Partnership Council and community members reviewed and prioritized newcomer settlement strategies based on the feasibility, duration to implement and precedence needs of the newcomers 16 settlement strategies were shortlisted and the implementation plan was revised accordingly
  • Finalize Settlement Strategies and Implementation Plan:
    • Partnership Council further reviewed and shared their recommendations with community members in the third community summit

Following the final review by the Partnership Council and the community, the settlement strategies and implementation plan were finalized and submitted to CIC in March 2011.

Newcomer Settlement Strategies and Implementation Plan:

Sixteen identified Settlement Strategies and an overall Implementation Plan (spanning over a five year period) that includes several activities and actions addressing the following priority areas:

  • Enhanced access to relevant and current information
  • Coordination, communication and collaboration among organizations serve newcomers
  • Expand frontline staff knowledge and capacity to serve better
  • Improve access to professional training and employment opportunities
  • More coordination among language training programs
  • Enhance services in multiple languages
  • Strengthen informal community groups to support newcomers
  • Improve access to health services
  • Improve housing and basic settlement services

Implementation Phase

From December 2009 to March 2011 the NWS LIP operated as a planning body, constructing a local settlement strategy and detailed action plan to improve newcomer settlement in northwest Scarborough.  Collectively its Partnership Council and community members will begin to implement activities developed for this phase.

The settlement strategy includes specific activities that the Partnership Council will implement through its five Working Committees:

These Committees have been created based on the identified priority areas by newcomers to northwest Scarborough. The overall goal for the implementation phase will be to establish the necessary infrastructures and facilitate different delivery models to enhance newcomer settlement process into northwest Scarborough neighbourhoods.

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