LIP Structure

Working Committee 1: Access to information & Services
This Committee works together to enhance access to relevant and local information through continuous gathering, reviewing and sharing information. It includes analyzing and making recommendations on online information sources, newcomer welcome package, enhance easy access to information locally, improving capacity of the information/ resource centres, improving outreach methods, enhance more co-located services, promote agency collaboration & partnerships

Working Committee 2: Education, Training & Employment
This Committee focuses on enhancing better professional volunteering, placement/ internship, and employment opportunities for new immigrants. The activities include improving networking among agencies and employers, increasing job placement, internship & job opportunities, expanding mentorship programs, enhancing more skills development training, improving support services for working/ job seeking parents, conducting work place language training (where appropriate), and training on cultural diversity

Working Committee 3: Health & Wellness
This Committee deals with enhancing better access to mental and general health services through networking and promoting coordinated services among health service providers, improve access to different health services, training and capacity development of staff, enhancing more community awareness, educating community on health related topics, improving outreach methods, promoting collaboration and partnership among health service providers and enhancing health services available in different languages

Working Committee 4: Community Engagement & Social Inclusion
This Committee puts its energy to engage community groups and residents for faster social integration of new immigrants through identifying effective approaches to engage the community, enhancing community capacity, expanding pool of volunteers, conducting community education and awareness, promoting community leadership, supporting social cohesion and integration initiatives, supporting agency – community collaboration and supporting community led programs & events.

Working Committee 5: Family Settlement and Legal Support
This Committee gives attention to improving family settlement and legal services through networking of legal services &, family settlement services, expanding family counseling – awareness and support, improving outreach methods, providing family services in different languages, increasing awareness on newcomer fraud and scams, educating the community on housing matters, supporting awareness programs on community and personal safety, transport, finance system and education on food security.

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